Te Motu A Hiaroa Charitable Trust is the representative body for the legal and customary owners of the island and is comprised of representatives from Waikato-Tainui, Makaurau Marae Maori Trust/Te Ahiwaru, and Te Kawerau a Maki.

This Trust administers the tile of the island and has partnered with Auckland Council to co-manage the island for the benefit of Mana Whenua and the wider public.

The Charitable Trust has the capacity to hold three trustees to represent each tribal entity.

It is the Trust’s intrinsic obligation as Mana Whenua and as legal owners to care for and enhance the different facets of the Island, both cultural and environmental, tangible and spiritual.

Our Trust Board Members are

  • Te Warena Taua – Chair Te Kawerau a Maki
  • Timothy Manukau – Vice Chair Waikato Tainui
  • Robin Taua-Gordon – Trustee Te Kawerau a Maki
  • George Taua – Trustee Te Kawerau a Maki
  • Taipu Paki – Trustee Waikato Tainui

Our staff includes a General Manager and an Operations Officer/Kaitiaki

  • Edward Ashby – General Manager
  • Tame Taratu – Operations Officer