The Island has several stakeholders and multiple lease areas and lessees


Watercare are currently undertaking a biosolids rehabilitation project, whereby they deposit biosolids (stabilised organic matter) into the old quarry to recreate the contours and topography derived from the original volcanic landform.

Living Earth

With 20 years’ experience in the composting industry, Living Earth leases and operates a composting facility on the Island. They have made successful contributions to the recycling industry, having recycled over 1 million tonnes of organic material.

Woodland Studs

Woodland Studs have provided Australasian breeders with affordable world class stallions. Woodland Studs currently leases and manages the farm and paddock sections of the Island.

Kelliher estate

The Kelliher Estate is the historic Spanish missionary style mansion, which was the homestead of the prominent businessmen Sir Henry Kelliher. This homestead was made in the early 1930’s. Today, the homestead is managed by Montana Food and Events who specialise in high end event planning and catering.

Auckland Council

Auckland Council has a lease over parts of the island and has partnered with  Te Motu a Hiaroa Charitable Trust to develop and co-manage the cultural open space  for the benefit of Mana Whenua and the wider public.

Marae Precinct

The Marae precinct is is solely administered by the Te Motu a Hiaroa Charitable Trust. The Marae precinct is part of a wider vision of the Trust to reaffirm the Mana Whenua identity of the Island. The Marae precinct will function as the focal point to achieving the Trust’s long term aspirations. For information, please see the Our Projects.